From simple to complex.

Our primary care team is ready to care for you, from a simple cold to chronic care needs.

We offer an income-based sliding scale fee model that fits your budget.


  • Lab testing

  • Treatment plans

  • Pediatric care

  • Medications

  • Diabetes management

  • Women's wellness exams

  • Men's wellness exams

  • Preventative screenings for all ages

What our patients are saying about us

"My experience here has been nothing short of a miracle for me." -Chaus Little

Meet Missouri's First Charitable Pharmacy

Neighbor's Pharmacy offers memberships at $10/month for all essential medications—no limit to the amount you need.

Medical Registration

For first-time patients and yearly registration for existing patients, we require these two items:

  1. A statement(s) of income (see below)

  2. $10 registration fee

When registering, please provide the following:

  • Most recent Federal Tax Return

  • One month of recent paycheck stubs for household income

  • Services are based on a patient's income

  • If applicable, proof of the following:

    • Disability

    • Unemployment

    • Green card

    • Child support

    • Food stamp letter

    • Profit/loss statement

Patient Request Form