Our FaithCare program provides low-cost healthcare services to employer-based groups, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses and their employees. We also offer walk-in appointments for those who need timely care, and our telemedicine services allow patients to receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes.

"It costs too much"

More than 1 in 4 small businesses do not offer health insurance for their workers because the cost is too high. Additionally, the cost of health insurance continues to rise faster than the inflation rate.

Source: KFF 2022 Employer Health Benefits Survey


Find out by clicking below how affordable FaithCare can be to benefit your business or how affordable visits are for employees.

What our FaithCare partners are saying

"They can spend the small fee to be seen, get healthy, and not miss work,"

-Britney Smith, General Manager, The Butterfly Palace

FaithCare for Employers

FaithCare starts at just $30/month for each employee on your plan. Employees benefit from a flat rate cost for all visits.

Spouses and children can also be added to FaithCare plans.

For special non-profit pricing inquiries, click here.


  • Primary Care

  • Vision

  • Mental Health

FaithCare for Employees

FaithCare is a health plan paid by your employer for the betterment of your health. Members of FaithCare benefit from a flat rate cost for all visits.

Your spouse and children can also utilize FaithCare services.

All the primary care services that you need to keep you healthy can be found at Faith Community Health.


  • Primary Care - $10/visit

  • Vision - $15/visit

  • Mental Health - $20/visit

Our FaithCare Partners

Faith Care is proud to partner with several local businesses that provide their employees with healthcare services at Faith Community Health.

We value all of our partners and look forward to providing health to partner employees and their families through our primary care, mental health, vision, and pharmacy services.