FaithCare is a benefit to you and your employees

Your employees are in a healthcare gap.

FaithCare provides a partnership to fill that GAP.

The result is your employees gain access to affordable healthcare services providing lifesaving medications and services.

What Employers pay for FaithCare

Monthly rates begin at $29 per employee. Employers may add or reduce the # of employees accordingly through the FCH Portal.

For more information, contact Shelly Miller at 417.336.9355 or via email at

What Employees pay for FaithCare

Employees active and covered under FaithCare pay the following:
$10 per Medica/Clinic Visit
$10 for Annual Vision Exam
$10 monthly for prescriptions (For those who meet income qualifications)

FaithCare Services Guide

FaithCare is an affordable healthcare plan for area businesses to provide their employees offered by Faith Community Health (FCH). FaithCare is not health insurance, services are offered through FCH’s medical clinic based in Branson Missouri.

Primary Care
Same Day Sick, for established patients who meet requirement 


Employee and Employer Rates

Program Title


FaithCare Medical

FaithCare Medical and Vision

Services Offered


Primary Care
Same Day Sick
follow up checks
Virtual Visits
In hours lab testing** referrals

Primary Care,
Same Day Sick,
Follow Up, Virtual Visits,
In house lab testing**,
referrals, Vision Exams

Employer cost per employee



Employee cost per visit



Medication Access

Yes- $10 for all meds/month***

Yes- $10 for all meds/month***

*Vision Care for annual eye exams and access to low cost frames and lenses for FaithCare members.
.**Labs fees vary according to procedure. Most in house labs have no or low fee (less than $10).
***Prescription Access, based on qualifiers. 
Spouses can be added as well, for more details call us. 

Participation Guidelines

The following are requirements in order for employees to participate in FaithCare:
~Completed the probationary period for new hires

Employers are able to offer FaithCare to employees who:
Have had to decline insurance due to cost of premiums or
have major medical or catastrophic insurance (qualifications still apply) 



FaithCare is a prepaid monthly healthcare plan for businesses in Taney and Stone County. Faith Community Health requires a signed agreement outlining the FaithCare services for each business. A 30-day written notice is required if terminating the agreement. 

Faith Community Health will provide a one- time employee orientation which can be done onsite at the business. At the time of orientation Faith Community Health will inform employees what services are (and are not) provided, how to register in advance in order to take advantage of services in a timely and efficient manner as well as set first time appointments.

FaithCare operates through an online portal for all business owners and FCH staff. Each business has the ability to do the following, but are not limited to: add/remove employees, pay invoices, update business contact, etc. Each month on the 25th, the portal will calculate and populate an invoice based on the total on # of active employees at that time. Payments are due by the 1st of the following month in order for employees to utilize services for that month. FCH also offers credit card billing through our office (Contact Stephanie Young at 417.605.2023 or you may mail a check to: 610 S 6th Street, Branson, MO 65616

FaithCare members will be issued a FaithCare membership card at the time of their first visit. FaithCare membership is only valid for the specific months that employees are on a current membership roster and who are verified and paid in advance by their employer.

FaithCare, Covers all medical services - $29
FaithCare Plus, FaithCare Medical + FaithCare Vision - $34
FaithCare Advantage (Association discount rate) Medical + Vision - $30 

Our aim is to provide as comprehensive a visit as possible. To do this, we work with local and national grant agencies to provide as many labs onsite as we can. There are times in which the needed information can not be provided through our labs. Through a partnership with Cox Medical, Branson we are able to refer patients for additional labs.

Yes, when a patient presents as needing a specialist, our medical team will refer out accordingly. Through relationships with both Cox and Mercy we are able to both refer and work with the referring physician to provide access to medications and follow up at our clinic.

Spouses and dependents 18 years or older of employees can be eligible for membership. Participation in FaithCare is exclusively the decision of the employer. If a business chooses to add the spouse it is the responsibility of the business to submit the spouse's name and additional payment according to the total number of employees in the month.


The medication room operates through a series of grants, making access to medications possible. The funding requires all patients to submit income statements in order to see if they qualify for services. The limits are generous, but from time to time individuals are denied due to additional household income. The income structure is as follows:

Family Size Income Limit
1 $40,770
2 $54,930
3 $69,090
4 $83,250
5 $97,410
6 $111,570
7 $125,730
8 $139,890

There are occasions where the cost to purchase the medication limits the ability to purchase it. Faith Community Health encourages patients who have catastrophic insurance to work with our staff to determine if they are still eligible for medications through the clinic as these tend to be on a case by case basis.

Our medication room is able to provide for all the medications a patient is prescribed for only $10 per month. For example, a patient who is diabetic will need anywhere between 3 and 6 medications in a month, based on the disease progression. Our medication room is able to provide what would be around $800 in medications monthly to an uninsured individual for just $10. A true savings.

Faith Community Health works with regional and national organizations who negotiate or work with pharmaceutical companies in order to make this possible. In some cases our team can provide name brand medications by negotiating directly with the pharmaceutical company. Faith Community Health considers the link to quality medications coupled with access to consistent and comprehensive medical care the link to health and results in a better quality of life.

No, Faith Community Health operates under agreements with the Department of Health and Human Services and keeps HIPAA standards, preventing the clinic from discussing any aspect related to the health of employees from being discussed without written communication from the patient.

The clinic offers a variety of health and wellness fairs. The pricing for these opportunities varies, . Please call to discuss.

Each individual business/employer sets their own requirements for signing up employees on FaithCare.

Yes, at times employees will not participate in employer based insurance plans due to the cost associated with the plan. The employer can still offer FaithCare to those employees.

Yes, in fact Faith Community Health encourages individuals when possible, to carry Catastrophic or Major Medical Health Coverage as it can lessen the financial hurdle for situations outside the scope of work offered by Faith Community Health. The benefit of FaithCare to the employee is the ability to treat chronic or minor illness at a cost effective rate, in some cases, preventing a catastrophic occurrence.

Yes, at the employer directive, spouses of employees may elect to enroll in FaithCare membership through payroll deduction at member rates.

Payment in full, in order to remain current is due to Faith Community Health no later than the 25th of the month in order for participating employees to receive benefits.
Payment can come by check or directly into the portal. 

Yes. In order for a former FaithCare member to become a “regular” patient to Faith Community Health the patient must provide proof of annual income. The cost associated with the visit is determined at that time and is based on a sliding scale.
We encourage employers to make known the basic offerings of Faith Community Health, even if they are not pursuing FaithCare.

Yes, Since enrollment in FaithCare is monthly, it can be adjusted for seasonal fluctuations.

No, FaithCare is not health insurance and is not seen as such. The clinic does not accept any form of insurance or insurance payments. If you have an employee who needs to be seen for a claim associated with Workers Compensation, the clinic will be unable to assist. In these cases we suggest seeking care from a provider qualified to handle Workers Compensation cases.

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