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Your peepers matter.

For the price of a regular office visit, our friends at Ozark Family Vision Center help you care for them on our campus.

For The Patient

From simple to complex. It all matters!

Faith Community Health is open weekdays.

Visits range from Poison Ivy and Strep Throat to chronic diabetes and hypertension as well as everything in between.

We offer:
-Lab Testing
-Treatment plans
-Income based medical care

We help uninsured individuals afford medical care.

Click Here to schedule your appointment.

Emotional Health

It’s a big deal. A very big deal.

We partner with area professionals to help you feel better.

Because Mental and Emotional health matter. Deeply.

Prescription Services

Medication you need at a price you can afford.

You pay $10.00.

No matter how many prescriptions (1 or 6) you will always pay $10.

Prescriptions are provided by My Neighbors Charitable Pharmacy

*Must be a current patient of FCH to qualify.
**Income qualification required.

Cost for services are based on patient income. Click here to discover your cost for services.
 Faith Community Health does not accept insurance. 

Medical Registration 

How to register for Faith Community Health  

Every year, you will need to do three things:

1. Register

2. Provide a statement of income

3. Pay a $10.00 Registration Fee.


When registering please provide

  • Picture ID
  • Most recent Federal Tax Return
  • One month of recent paycheck stubs for anyone who contributes to the income of the household.

Services are based on a patient's household income.   

  • If applicable, proof of the following:
  •     Disability
  •     Unemployment
  •     Green card
  •     Child Support
  •     Food Stamp Letter
  •     Profit/Loss Statement
  •     Bank Statements

Asked Questions

Medical services are available during regular clinic hours. Call or check our website for the current schedule.
Our clinic is typically open Mon-Thurs, 8am-5pm & Fri 8am-1pm. 

Most appointments can be scheduled in a few days. On occasion, it can take up to two weeks. Same Day sick appointments are available for patients whose symptoms qualify. 

Most labs can be performed while at the clinic. From time to time FCH will need to request labs to be performed by labs in the area. When this occurs FCH does all it can to keep the cost of these services either nominal or greatly reduced.

Synchronized visits is a term which refers to the overlapping skills of a pharmacy team as well as a medical provider. FCH, through a relationship with Mercy Health, UMKC school of Pharmacy and volunteer pharmacists, is able to provide for patient exams effective care which both diagnoses and treats patients accordingly. In doing so, patients receive effective and swift treatment. 

FCH reserves time daily for Same Day Sick appointments, however, the patient must first have symptoms that qualify. Appointment slots are filled on a first-called basis.

FCH accepts cash or debit/credit cards for services. All payments are due at the time of service.

Once registered a patient will need to bring their FCH membership card and a personal ID to each appointment.

The clinic is located at 1232 Branson Hills Pkwy, Suite 104, Branson, MO 65616

Yes, patients pay according to income guidelines. If a patient’s household is higher than the limits then they will pay the highest level.

Faith Community Health does not accept payment from insurance companies or state or federal programs like Medicaid or Medicare.

Yes, through a relationship with Ozarks Family Vision Center, the clinic hosts monthly exams at the same rate as a regular appointment.

Yes, through a grant, the clinic is able to provide limited mental health services with a licensed provider.
In addition to counseling services, our team of medical providers and medication room is able to provide prescription services accordingly. 

To qualify for prescription medication a patient must first register through the medication room. If the patient qualifies he or she can have their prescription filled onsite. FCH can also provide patients with a prescription for use at another pharmacy.

The Clinic is able to provide it’s patients needed prescriptions at a rate of $10 per month. The rate applies to all needed medications, even if a patient has 1 prescription or 6.
The clinic is able to offer this amount due to grant funding and regional partnerships. 

Unfortunately, the clinic is able to fill prescriptions which the provider of FCH prescribes. Once a patient registers and sees the provider at FCH, they will be able to access the medication room at a rate of $10/ month.

Faith Community Health does not stock or dispense narcotics. The dispensary does provide a wide variety of generic drugs through Dispensary of Hope and pharmaceutical manufacturers in order to obtain name-brand drugs for patients who qualify. When the clinic cannot fill a prescription, the patient will be provided a script to fill elsewhere.

Access to prescriptions requires proof of eligibility annually to meet our supplier requirements. The following income limits are currently in effect, based on household size.

 Family Size        Income Limit             
1                            $40,770
2                            $54,930
3                            $69,090
4                            $83,250
5                            $97,410
6                            $111,570
7                            $125,730
8                            $139,890

1232 Branson Hills Parkway, Ste 104
Branson, MO 65616
(417) 336-9355



  • 8am-5pm    Mon
  • 8am-5pm    Tue  
  • 8am-5pm    Wed 
  • 8am-5pm    Thur      
  • 8am-12pm    Fri               
  • Closed         Sat-Sun      
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